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Role of E-Market in Business

Shreya Joshi, Megha Awasthi






In the electronic trade, there is perplexity with regards to the importance and motivation behind the term ‘plan of action’. There are boundless impressions of the term making many ponder exactly what a plan of action is. Definitions change as do the assigned characteristics of plans of action in this manner making issues for scholastics and experts depending on the writing for direction in understanding plans of action. This paper introduces and analyses the meanings of ‘plan of action’ exhibited in the electronic trade writing alongside the assigned plan of action characteristics. The typologies and scientific categorizations of plans of action introduced in the writing are analyzed and assessed. It is inferred that until there is an agreement with regards to the meaning of ‘plan of action’ and the properties settled upon, helpful scientific classifications of plans of action would not be expected.


Keywords: E-commerce, business model, plan of action




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Shreya Joshi, Megha Awasthi. Role of E-Market in Business. E-Commerce for Future & Trends. 2017; 4(2): 33–37p.

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