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Measuring Factors that Influence the Success of App based Mobile Commerce

Dr. Sudarshan Seshanna, Sudharson Ramanujam


The usage of smart phone significantly increased from 2007 onwards after Google and Apple has launched their respective Android and iOS Mobile Operating System. With advancement in the network technology, internet connection speed, slash in the mobile phone connection operator tariff, location based service, user friendly multitouch interface, large screen size multi giga bytes of RAM and storage, and much more the usage of smart phone has been reached to 1176 million in India during end of 2018. The raise in smart phone provides opportunity for Mobile Commerce. With introduction of the Android Play store and the iPhone App Store in mid of 2008, the smart phone users are able to search, download and install applications for games, personal applications and Mobile Commerce. However, the utilization rate of Mobile Commerce has been below the smart phone adoption rate, despite significant progress. This paper helps to identify which are the factors influencing the user towards App based Mobile Commerce. This research uses TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) proposed by Davis (1989). Mobile Commerce uses technology, the usage of TAM model in technology driven market is very much significant. The research design is exploratory in nature. The respondents were selected through Judgmental sampling. Primary data were collected from field through self-administered questionnaire, and 270 usable responses were recorded. The study result supports all the hypotheses. The outcome of this study will be useful to the developers and service providers of Mobile Commerce systems. They can use this study results for developing strategy to motivate the rapid acceptance of their mobile commerce services by mobile users.

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Sudarshan Seshanna, Sudharson Ramanujam. Measuring Factors that Influence the Success of App based Mobile Commerce. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 1–6p.


Mobile Commerce, Behavioral Intention, Technology Acceptance Model, Factors Influence Mobile Commerce

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