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Macro- Environment Analysis of the Tourism Industry of Kashmir

Faizan Ashraf Mir, Mudasir Ahmad Mir


The tourism industry by default is very responsive and reactive to the external environment, and as such is affected majorly by the general environmental dimensions within which it exists. A lot of business generated by the tourism industry is because of the image it holds, and the image is largely affected by the prevailing external environment. PESTLE framework is an exclusive framework used to study the macro-environment dimensions of the external environment affecting the industry. The PESTLE dimensions detail out the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental surroundings of the industry in question. Kashmir Valley has been a fragile place owing to the geo-political dispute between India and Pakistan which has always been a hindering cause to the flourishing of the tourism industry. The political scenario of the valley has largely affected all the other dimensions of the PESTLE framework, especially the economic, social, and legal dimensions. This study aims to conduct a detailed macro-environment scanning of the tourism industry of Kashmir in J&K (India) through the application of PESTLE framework to understand its immediate external environment. The study aims to employ Delphi technique, and conduct in-depth interviews, structured open ended questionnaires, and focus group discussions with all the stakeholders. The area of study would remain the tourism industry of Kashmir Valley in J&K state of India and would include responses of the government bodies, NGO's, local community, students and scholars, tourism and travel business players etc. The study will help in generating an extensive report about the external environment forces that affect the tourism industry of Kashmir. The paper shall conclude with certain recommendations to counter the ill effects of any of the PESTLE dimensions on the tourism industry of Kashmir.

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Faizan Ashraf Mir, Mudasir Ahmad Mir. Macro-Environment Analysis of the Tourism Industry of Kashmir. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 65–76p.


Macro-Environment, External Environment, Environment Scanning, Tourism, Pestle

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