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Relationship of Adolescents with Family and Impact of Family Composition on their Decision Making

Kanika Budhiraja, Meenu Gupta


Adolescence is portrayed by huge mental, intellectual and socio emotional growth. With the development of teenage years, the measure of time went through with guardians normally drops while time went through with associates escalates impressively. In any case, guardians keep on assuming a key job in improving their undeveloped behaviour. Adolescent parent connection substantially affects intellectual, social and sensitive conduct. Protected connection with adolescents is related with less involvement in vulnerable practices, lesser emotional and social issues, and upgraded social abilities and adapting activities. It outlines the effect of connection of parents on adolescent modifying behaviour and examines strategies for supporting sound juvenile parent connection. The paper additionally gives a short analysis of the effects of family composition and family change on adolescent decision making. It takes as a beginning stage the presence of inescapable relationship between family change and teenager’s decision and addresses a scope of issues that are analysed in the reviews of literature. Study will moreover examine the adolescent decision making are influenced by family structure and by modifications to the family unit coming about because of influence of fathers, grandparents, marriage, separations, demise, mother's educational skills, working status of mother and various situations. Modifications in family structure amid early adolescence can result in unreliable connections and uncertainty in family functioning, and family connections, regarding conduct. These changes can impact psychological growth and can lead to poor scholarly execution. Paper also describes that it exerts influence on adolescent’s decision making in different stages.

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Kanika Budhiraja, Meenu Gupta. Relationship of Adolescents with Family and Impact of Family Composition on their Decision making. E-Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 37–46p.


Adolescence, Parent Connections, Family Composition, Family Modifications, Adolescent Decision making

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