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Reduction of Abusive Words on Social Network: A Probabilistic Approach

Pratyush Khare


We are presenting a structured resource for abusive slang words that are freely exchanged over the social media. The dynamism of these words indicates that today’s technological tools are insufficient to process and reduce such abusive slang words on the social platforms. Proposed work could help applications to better understand the current trending abusive slangs that are commonly being used by users. We have initially taken only six abusive slangs for analysis and computed their probability on the basis of day to day chat. Further, we have calculated the time to search and replace the abusive words. Results are simulated in different case scenarios.

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Pratyush Khare, Sourav Rai, Himanshu Maurya, Pushpa Singh. Reduction of Abusive Words on Social Network: A Probabilistic Approach. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 31–36p.


Abusive words, cloud function, probability, social network, twitter

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