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Smart Integrated Approach for Future E-Commerce Jewelry Business using 3D Printing

Sandip A. Kale


Jewelry business has a considerable share in the global market and significant growth is expected in fashion jewelry business in the future. The demand for customized and personalized jewelry is slowly increasing and predicted to be the major expectation of the future customers. This future demand can be fulfilled by using the advanced new materials and manufacturing technologies like 3D printing. The 3D printers are now accepted by jewelry manufactures because of many advantages compared with traditional manufacturing methods. Nowadays, 3D printers are capable to handle various materials used for jewelry manufacturing. Major four 3D printing technologies with different materials can be integrated with smart technologies to manufacture customized and personalized jewelry, which could be the considerable solution for the future. The major tasks involved in integration as per the objective of this research work are manufacturing, supply chain management of raw materials and finished products, buyer interface, data mining and machine learning. In order to integrate these tasks, some smart models are developed and discussed in brief. These models include smart model of jewelry manufacturing unit, smart supply chain model for manufactured jewelry, smart supply chain model for raw materials for jewelry manufacturing, smart integrated e-commerce model for buyers and smart comprehensive model integrates these all.

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Kale Sandip A. Smart Integrated Approach for Future E-Commerce Jewelry Business using 3D Printing. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 83–90p.


3D printing, e-commerce, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry materials, supply chain management

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