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A Customer Opinion Categorization Framework for Indigenous Items of Jaintia and Khasi Hills

Rubul Kumar Bania, Chahlang-I Khyriem


An online shopping web-portal can be the best way to promote the indigenous and traditional handmade items of different districts of Meghalaya state. Using this kind of website, different buyers and sellers can utilize the facilities provided by such platforms for selling and buying their products online. In this work, we have not put much more emphasis on the implementation details or developing part of the whole website, but here we have proposed a framework with three models for automatic categorization of customer reviews, which are the opinions given by various customers for different products according to their sentiments. All the models are designed by adapting the approach of popular Unigram and Bi-gram Bag of Words (BOW) model. We have considered three types of sentences, first one is an English language sentence, the second type is a combination of English and Jaintia (Pnar) and the third one is a combination of English and Khasi language. For testing the models for categorizing the reviews into positive and negative category, various English sentence based customer reviews are collected from Amazon and Flipkart websites and also the mixture of English, Pnar, and Khasi sentences are collected from our developed websites. All the models have performed well on various customer opinions.

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Chahlang-I Khyriem, Rubul Kumar Bania. A Customer Opinion Categorization Framework for Indigenous Items of Jaintia and Khasi Hills. E-Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 7–15p.


Indigenous, bag of words, opinion, categorization, Jaintia, Khasi

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