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Review of E-Commerce Information Extraction and Classification Technique for Recommendation

Nilesh Jain, Dhanraj Verma


E-commerce business sites are generally looked with complex item models and particulars, assorted utilization propensities, different kinds of requests. They will prompt low activities proficiency and business handling speed. By improving the speed of item data refresh, input on client interview and the request procedure, E-commerce office activity specialist co-ops can keep these issues. The figuring of the algorithm procedure of the heaviness of assessment files. The examination objective is to give viable help to normal advertising assets portion of the E-commerce organization task specialist organization. To survey the examination paper arrangement of the promoting object esteem is set up for the E-trade service provider activity specialist organization by utilizing a key exhibition pointer. The different kind of algorithm is utilized by different specialists in each sort of Information Extraction and Classification Technique. More amount of work has done on this theme; still, it is an exceptionally most loved point among data researchers. It additionally goes under the area of Data Science.

Keywords: Algorithm design and evaluation, e-commerce, recommender systems, information extraction, information extraction and classification technique

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Nilesh Jain, Dhanraj Verma. Review of E-Commerce Information Extraction and Classification Technique for Recommendation. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2019; 6(2): 1–6p.


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