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Minimization of Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing

Gurpreet Singh, Manish Mahajan, Reecha Sood



Cloud computing gives a huge advantage to the clients over the globe. However, on the other side of the picture cloud computing requires huge data centers to fulfill the requests provided by the clients over the globe and during this process a large amount of energy is consumed and a huge amount of CO2 is emitted which results in global warming. Since energy has been the prime concern in near future, this issue created the significance of green cloud computing to lessen the energy wastage by consolidating its reuse. In this paper we discuss various techniques to reduce energy consumption in cloud data centers thereby reducing emission of CO2 and helping to make clouds green clouds. We start with discussing about cloud computing and its infrastructure, after which we discuss about various concerns related to environment caused due to energy consumption and heat produced by cloud computing and finally we discuss about various key technologies which helps to make cloud a green cloud. 

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Green Cloud, ECO2

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