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English to Bengali Transliteration Tool for OOV words common in Indian Civil Aviation

Saptarshi Paul, Bipul Shyam Purkhyasta



The Indian Civil Aviation Market has been the fastest growing market for the last 3 years. India is supposed to be the biggest aviation market in the world by 2030. Leading Aircraft manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Embraer have huge orders from India based Airliners. The increase of aircraft is catalysing the setting up of MROs and training centres to meet the demand for the ever-growing demand for manpower, which is needed to keep the aircraft flying. By creating jobs in the field of CNS, Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, ground force and associated domains, Civil aviation sector is becoming a lucrative career option for the job seekers of India who hail from diverse background speaking diverse languages, Bengali is one of them. The need for translation and transliteration of aviation OOV words, technical words and terminologies from English to Bengali and other local and regional languages of aviation are becoming strong. Here we have a look at what are OOV aviation terms and move into the problem of how standard translation tools are unable to translate OOV words, terminologies, abbreviations and structured English used in aviation to corresponding Bengali terms before describing how the proposed tool can bridge the gap left by Standard Translation tools like Google Translate and Microsoft Bing Translate.

Keywords: Aviation, Bengali, English, NLP, OOV, Translation, Transliteration.

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Saptarshi Paul, Bipul Shyam Purkhyasta. English to Bengali Transliteration Tool for OOV words common in Indian Civil Aviation. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2019; 6(1): 23–32p.

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