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Recent Strategies for Bug Triaging Techniques

Pranoti Prashant Shende, Vaishali Bhujade, Prashant Shende


Nowadays, there are many emerging software companies. As they develop software, they have to deal with large number of software bugs. It is well expensive and unavoidable too so these bugs are needed to be fixed. The bug triaging process is nothing but to assign effective and proper developer for bug fixing. There are various techniques are used for this process earlier. Human triaging was not a time worth process and was not successful in the case of proper assignment of developers. There are many techniques developed those aims to assign correct developers for bug triage which will save cost as well as time.

Keywords: Software repositories, bug repositories, bug data reduction, feature selection, instance selection, bug triage

Cite this Article Pranoti Shende, Vaishali Bhujade, Prashant Shende. Recent Strategies for Bug Triaging Techniques. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2020; 7(1): 23–26p.

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