Design and Implementation of Security System for Medical Test Data Mining

P. Y. Shende, Pranoti D. Mude


The growth of data mining process began when company data was first stored on computers, unrelenting with improvements in data access. Data mining deals with bulky database which may hold insightful information. Medical test security system is a major factor in our society especially this system is used for special purpose like inspection of many healthy man powers for a specific organization. In this project software is implement which is useful for detection of healthy man power to avoid the wrong way entry in Army, Navy and Air force i.e., Government and Non Government sector. In this system first of all candidate registration should be done in this registration candidate firstly give their home address and age. The identification of candidate with figure print saved in server computer along with generated barcode where medical tests will be performed.

Keywords: MTSS, thumb, data mining (DM), knowledge discovery in database (KDD), data link library (DLL)

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