Vol 6, No 2 (2019)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

5G Technology and Their Challenges PDF
Gunjan Bansal, Amit Kumar Jain, Tarun Mishra 1-7
Various Techniques of Data Mining in Social Network Mining: Review PDF
Shubham Paliwal, Shruti Bijawat 8-11
Implementing FP-Growth Algorithm using Map Reduce for Mining Association Rules PDF
K. Purushotam Naidu, CH. V. VD. Prasad 18-29
Comparison Between Machine Learning and Big Data for Spam E-mail Detection PDF
Vibhor Bhimsariya, Aayushi Bhatt 30-35
A Study on Social Network Mining PDF
Vishal Mathur, Rekha Jain 36-39
An Improved Ternary Logic Synthesis Approach Using Ternary Max-Min Algebra PDF
P. Mercy Nesa Rani, Leniency Marbaniang, Majid Haghparast, Kamalika Datta 40-47

Review Articles

Comparative Analysis of algorithms for Credit Card Fraud Detection using Data Mining: A Review PDF
Neha ., Sunita Dhingra 12-17

ISSN: 2393-8730