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Visual Cryptography Using Novel Algorithms

Diptanu Basak, Abhishek Das



Encryption Schemes on images has tremendously increased to meet the demand of secure image transmission over various mediums such as Wired and Wireless Network. Various encryption standards show low efficiency over image encryption and have less impact on efficiency when the size of image is huge. Nowadays, secret communication plays a major role in many fields of mutual life, such as industry, banking and e-commerce etc. Due to the improvement in network expertise, information security becomes a current application of multimedia technology and swelling communication skill of network progressively leads us to obtain information directly and evidently through images. Hence, data security has become a serious issue. It is a crucial concern that proper encryption decryption should be applied to transmit the data from one place to another place across the internet in order to prevent unauthorized access. Image Cryptography is a special kind of encryption techniques to hide data in an image for encryption and decryption of original message based on some key value. Very few algorithms, provides computational hardness and it makes difficult to break a key to find the original message. In this paper, a variant of the RSA algorithm is used to encrypt the image files to enhance the security in the communication area for data transmission. An image file is selected to perform encryption and decryption using key generation technique.

Keywords: Visual Cryptography, Encryption, RSA Algorithm

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Diptanu Basak, Abhishek Das. Visual Cryptography Using Novel Algorithms. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2017; 4(3):1–10p.

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