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Constraints and Limitationsin Software Reliability Prediction

Archana Kumar, Abhinav Juneja, Sapna Bajaj



Software, as entered into our lives in all aspects. We are now so dependent on technology that it has become very critical for our lives. All the modern technological development, be it in any field incorporates the usage of software directly or indirectly. Due to this the need for reliable software is also gaining importance. A software in deeply tested before being brought into its professional application but still it is very difficult to guarantee its reliability and own that its is 100 percent free from bugs and will not lead to failures. In this paper we have discussed various aspects of software development which are very critical for its reliability and the various limitations associated with the true prediction of the degree to reliability of the software. There is always a possibility that the Software may have latent bugs even after passing all levels of test. There has been a lot of research in this area and statisticians have given a number ofsoftware reliability growth models for reliability prediction, still there are issues while choosing the appropriate model and making a compliance with the standard assumptions of the selected models. Due to this reliability prediction accuracy is still a complex area.

Keywords: Calender time, error, failure data, failure rate, hardware reliability, software reliability

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Archana Kumar, Abhinav Juneja, Sapna Bajaj. Constraints and Limitations in Software Reliability Prediction. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2017; 4(3): 6–10p.


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