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Reading Pattern of Emotions using LORETA

Yogesh R Kumar


The basic motive of this study is to find the relationship between the activation of brain and the real time while the person observes the pictures shown to him or her. The study aims at studying the emotions of the person. We have observed four emotions here, namely, emotions of happiness, sadness, fear and disgust. We have used LORETA in order to study these emotions on various persons at a mean age of 24 years.

Later by the technique of TONOVA we have found the difference between the pre and the post data collected and recorded by EEG. Different subjects were asked to see some pictures and note down what they feel about it at that time of moment. They were asked to rank themselves. This study’s aim is to investigate the response of the brain by using the software or method or technique named as LORETA by seeing emotional pictures.

With other brain imaging studies like PET or fMRI we can say that our findings are in good agreement when we compare it to others, because of the advantage to investigate the evolution of emotional process which is actually temporary in the millisecond range. The results here showed that each emotion condition has different characteristics in a particular time sequence of activation.

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