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Sentiment Analysis and Text Summarization Review

Mubashir Farooq


In this global era, it has been a significant task to find out what other people think of the information extraction behavior of an online user. People often express or share their moods, opinions, attitudes, ideas, on the social media sites and blogs. The platform of social media sites and blogs became the research base for analyzing the sentiments or opinions of the users. These sites became so popular that it became new opportunities and challenges for observing the opinions of other people. The sentiments are expressed in the form of statuses, tweets, reviews etc. Sentiment analysis is an area of computation in which opinions, sentiments, expressions, and emotions are analyzed. In this paper, our focus is on the sentiments expressed in online reviews. After sentiment analysis, it is mandatory to do a summarization of those reviews so that it will be helpful for a user to buy an online product and for better decision making. This paper discusses the most recent sentiment analysis and text summarization techniques and approaches that are being used.

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