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Cascade CNN Framework for Low Resolution Image Classification

Suresh Prasad Kannojia, Gaurav Jaiswal



Low resolution images contain less visual information, so classifications of these images are difficult. For overcoming this problem, cascade CNN framework for low resolution image classification is proposed. In this framework, super resolution CNN (SRCNN) enlarges low resolution image into super resolution image. The convolutional features of these super resolution images are fused with low resolution convolutional features which are extracted by low resolution CNN (LRCNN) feature extractor. A deep neural network classifier is trained on these fused CNN features. This classifier classifies low resolution images using learned fused features. Proposed cascade framework has been evaluated on different benchmark image dataset MNIST, CIFAR10 and achieves competitive accuracy results.

Keywords: Low resolution, cascade CNN, super resolution, feature fusion, image classification

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Suresh Prasad Kannojia, Gaurav Jaiswal. Cascade CNN Framework for Low Resolution Image Classification. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(1): 39–43p.


Low resolution; Cascade CNN; Super resolution; feature fusion; Image classification

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