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New Leap in Quantum: Prosthetic Brain

Ravindra Singh Rajawat, Vikas Maheshwari



The world is facing a new era of technological influence today. It is our creativity that has done wonders. Knowledge today has given us some great theories while invention gives us some best tools for anticipating the creativity out of our minds. Fields like Artificial Intelligence and theories like quantum mechanics are incredible on their part; they prove to be the best invention of the mankind. The science of creating thoughts and analyzing ability simply, we can say Artificial intelligence and Quantum mechanics, theory of intermolecular world of atoms, the view of matter inside, how things work. They always demand inquisitive approach of ones, since the day ones understand it, it always results in some creative approach. Integration of such fields can give us machines that are beyond our thinking. We realize that the best use of these disciplines can be only by implementing it in a prosthetic artificial brain that works on quantum mechanics, which takes decisions in Fermi seconds, never lose anything from their memory and will serve as a prosthetic brain for “brain dead” people. Whatever it would do will change the theory of machines, the unique machines that will be ever built on planet earth. Nothing would be much accurate then it in terms of analyzing, getting solutions and process logics.

Keywords: Quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, prosthetic, thinking, emotional intelligence

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Ravindra Singh Rajawat, Vikas Maheshwari. New Leap in Quantum: Prosthetic Brain. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(1): 30–34p.

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