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Enhancing Consumer Trust and Satisfaction towards Cloud Services

Sukhjinder Kaur, Deepika Sood, Ramandeep Sandhu



In today’s world, consumer of a service is prior and top significant part of a business. Cloud computing is an efficient technology with a vast amount of momentum, and its unique parameters are exacerbating various security and privacy concerns. Going from computations to the “Cloud” is making computing calculations easier towards the users, at the same time it will bring some new security concerns regarding the safe and reliable use of data of end users or customers using the cloud. Trust is a genuine and giant consideration point which is accepted as the backbone of cloud system, or it is a representation of satisfaction of cloud users. This paper firstly provides an analysis report about the trust and its boundary values which are assumed as those important features which directly/indirectly influences the satisfaction level based on the Service level Agreement (SLA). In this paper, we have provided a trust mechanism called “Online Feedback Channel- OFC” at the end of cloud users. This factor can be easily used by Cloud Service Users (CSU) to express their level of satisfaction.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Trust, Satisfaction, Elasticity, SLA, OFC, CSU

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Sukhjinder Kaur, Deepika Sood, Ramandeep Sandhu. Enhancing Consumer Trust and Satisfaction towards Cloud Services. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 52–57p.

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