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Technology Solutions of Real Life Scenarios using Mobile Applications-An Analysis

Kapil Mehta, Yadwinder Kumar, Ankita Thakur



This study presents the outline of mobile apps usage through the smartphones by the users. The world is humming to the tune of mobile apps and providing rich data content through digital revolution of technology. The technological advancements in the mobile apps are raising the standard of various business sectors worldwide. Smartphones built with mobile apps are allowing customers to get their services while sitting at home. The competitive market demands upgradation of the apps to facilitate end users to simplify their work. This study demonstrates that how users use mobile applications while ordering food from the restaurants, booking flights and check-in hotels during their tour and many more real-life scenarios. Every real-life situation can be handled by the users in the comfortable and convenient manner through the usage of mobile apps. The usage of mobile apps really affects business and other markets. This study also presents the various competitive advantages facilitated by the mobile application development companies as compared to the small scale business firms. Any firm can survive better than their competitors by the efficient use of technology solutions. Statistical figures of customers using mobile apps for their real-life situations from different parts of the world have been presented here to express the impact. 

Keywords: Smartphone popularity, competitive market, business firms, technology

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Kapil Mehta, Yadwinder Kumar, Ankita Thakur. Technology Solutions of Real-life Scenarios using Mobile Applications-An Analysis. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 76–81p.

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