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Decisive Video Fingerprinting Using Visual Regions

Somesh Bhinda, Shruti Bijawat



In this research paper we are trying to detect a video and generate a fingerprint of that video which is unique to that video then this fingerprint of video will help in detecting or comparing with other videos to find out whether it is original or not or is the video exists in our database this video fingerprinting technology will help us in copyright management and to curb piracy ,it can detect whether the video is fake or not we are going to use a famous technique saliency map to generate and compare fingerprints of two videos.

Keywords: Visual Regions, Video fingerprinting, DRM, Copyrights, Feature Detection.

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Somesh Bhinda, Shruti Bijawat. Decisive Video Fingerprinting Using Visual Regions. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 41–44p.

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