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Securing Smart meters Using Blockchain

Prabhjot Singh Panesar, Kusum Tharani, Rishabh Thaney


AbstractWith the advent of renewable energies use of smart meters has become an indispensable need in today’s day and age. The use of smart meters in the modern age brings its own set of security issues which need to be dealt with carefully. The current communication methods used in smart meters are insecure and can expose sensitive customer data to third parties. The possible attacks include tampering with customer data for payment fraud, and remotely controlling smart meters to cause blackouts. The work of this paper aims to mitigate the aforementioned problems by utilizing the enormous potential of Blockchain technology. The use of smart contract in Block chain very efficiently ensures a trust based system between the customers and the power utilities. In addition to this, the peer to peer nature of Block chain also helps in saving huge amounts of money by cutting the role of the middlemen.

Keywords—Blockchain, Smart meters, Smart contracts, Hashing, Ethereum network, Gas fee, Solidity

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Prabhjot Singh Panesar, Kusum Tharani, Rishabh Thaney. Securing Smart Meters Using Blockchain. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 45–51p.

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