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Predicting Churners from the User Base of a Business - A Review

Saima Jan, Afaq Alam Khan



Customer churn prediction and management is a foremost job aimed by enterprises to maintain cost-effective customers and thus many customer churn prediction models are developed which aim to categorize consumers as non-churners or churners & then retention actions are taken to prevent churners from churning. The data from different companies like Telecommunication Company, financial company, Retail Company etc. can be used to discover valuable patterns which predict the customers’ relationship with the company. From this data customers behavior can be used to predict his loyalty with the company. In this paper different techniques & approaches are discussed given by different researchers to predict churners, so as to apply retention strategies on them. This paper also presents the results that were recorded by various researchers in their research.

Keywords: churn prediction, Data mining, Customer lifetime value, customer relationship management.

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Saima Jan, Afaq Alam Khan. Predicting Churners from the User Base of a Business: A Review. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 8–16p.

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