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Opinion Polls: Election Result Prediction Using Social Networking Sites - A Review

Falak Jan, Afaq Alam Khan



The impact of social media is increasing and is being embedded in daily life as it provides a platform for people to express their opinions, sentiments and feelings towards any particular topic. So the data from social media is used by researchers as a data source for opinion mining or sentiment analysis. It can be used to discover political preference of users regarding elections as it has become the most important tool for communication over the internet and provides with the public reactions. In this paper we discuss the most relevant and recent research, the approaches and techniques that are followed for predicting election outcome. This paper also presents the results that were recorded in the different experiments by various researchers.

Key Words: Social media, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, election prediction.

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Falak Jan, Afaq Alam Khan. Opinion Polls: Election Result Prediction Using Social Networking Sites: A Review. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 1–7p.

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