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Face Recognition Using Neural Networking Algorithms

Sayed Shareeq Ali, Megha Gupta


Face recognition system has become quite popular nowadays. It has gained a good attention in recent few years. Face recognition is practically everywhere, in security system for criminal activities, places like airports and international borders, it is needed for identification of people. In the paper, we discussed about three Neural Networking Algorithms used for FR such as Gabor Filter, Principle Component Analysis with Back Propagation Neural Network and Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Network. Here we have done a comparative study on these algorithms.

Keywords: Principle component analysis, back propagation neural network, wavelet transform, artificial neural network, face recognition, Gabor Filter, extraction

Cite this Article: Sayed Shareeq Ali, Megha Gupta. Face Recognition Using Neural Networking Algorithms. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2020; 7(1): 23–27p.

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