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Development of Smart Kitchen System using RFID

Nikhil Jagtap, Seema Kedar, Akash Udhanshiv


We've been implementing an application to keep track of the food inventory i.e. observing the status of the inventory, creation of shopping list automatically without any human interaction based on the food status in the inventory and observing the level of food containers to give an alert message to the user at times when food level is critical. Giving an automation to all these daily routine tasks will reduce human efforts. Proposed system will track the level of food items and based on it the system will create the shopping list and the list will have the only food products at the critical level. Proposed system helps users easily manage kitchen and daily needed food products. Smart Kitchen system using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) helps in minimizing work load caused in today’s traditional kitchen system. Every Food Product is identified by unique identification number which is being embedded in RFID tag. The old and traditional process of working is being totally replaced by atomizing kitchen system. Proposed system is quite efficient and time and cost of people can be saved. Android is currently all over the market because of its open source nature and almost everyone has an android device. Thus, this paper discusses a mobile application using android which can efficiently handle and manage the kitchen system work.


Android, Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, RFID tag

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