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Intelligent Route Guide (IRG): A Research

Shubham Gupta


Intelligent route guide (IRG) is the concept used to describe how information technology can be used in the transport sector. The idea with IRG is that the services should bring extra knowledge to travelers and operators in order to improve transport and travel activities. The new technology enables tourists and other travelers to choose appropriate route and mode of transport according to their convenience and the conveyance fare on the basis of the information provided to them. Conveyance information services are another type of IRG services. The aim with the service is to provide tourists and travelers with dynamic information about the various available modes of transport with their fare which will help them to plan their journey from specific source location to destination. It will also help in curbing the exploitation of tourists by the cab drivers and the local transport facilitators who charges extra rent for short distances. The rapid development of new technology will lead to drastically increased possibilities to provide road users, especially tourists, with various kinds of information. Information might be presented to the tourists on the basis of the current database about the routes and transport facilities on particular routes available to them. With the ever-increasing number of tourists in India, there is now an acute need for an intelligent-autonomous-efficient route guide. The project provides the solution to different problems faced by travelers by providing them with the visual help that is provided by means of line that highlights the shortest path in between the destinations that the traveler wishes to traverse. The problem of estimation of shortest distance is also sorted out and the shortest distance is provided to the traveler seeking it. The project also takes care of the problem faced by travelers in regard of the fare that has to be paid. For this, information of fares of taxis, buses, and metro are also provided to the travelers in between their destinations. The most striking feature of this project is the time estimation module that computes time on the basis of stoppage times that will have to be taken care of at different traffic lights. With this it will be possible to provide exact information of time required to travel the path.

Cite this Article Gupta Shubham. Intelligent Route Guide (IRG): A Research. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2016; 3(1): 16–25p.


IRG, transport sector, shortest path

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