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Moving Aid System for Elderly and Blind Safety Protection

Shramona Chakraborty


In order to help visually impaired person, the proposed work presents a smart aid navigation system. The arrangement detects obstacles via an infrared proximity based detecting system and sends back a vibro-tactile or buzzer feedback. We have made an insightful use of visually impaired people’s habitual support, i.e. white cane, and a sensor module is properly fixed on a light weight cap to acquire an exact information about obstacles (near from head area). Furthermore, GPS technology has been integrated with pre-programmed locations to determine the optimal route to be taken. The user can choose the location from the set of destinations stored in the memory and will lead in the correct direction of the stick. Upon reaching the destination, with the help of voice module an alert message will get generated into TTS format.

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Shramona Chakraborty. Moving Aid System for Elderly and Blind Safety
Protection. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances.
2016; 3(2): 1–5p.


The GPS, infrared, proximity sensor, TTS format

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