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Emotion Sensory World: A Review on Blue Eyes Technology

Melbin Babu, T. D. Subha


Emotions are so valuable that it is an inevitable part and without emotions the world becomes numb. So, by giving some emotional values to devices we can make them more effective. This paper aims at the objective to provide computer or any other machines with the human powers. A computer that understands our emotions and abilities and responds accordingly will be the best partner for us. Both, together as partners can bring new innovations in the present world. A technology that had been aroused which sense human emotions and a feeling through gadgets is named as blue eyes technology. Blue eyes system had intended to be a solution that monitors and records the user’s conscious brain and their physiological condition. Implementation of this technique which identifies human emotions and respond necessarily is been dealt with.

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Melbin Babu, Subha TD. Emotion Sensory World: A Review on Blue Eyes Technology. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2016; 3(2): 18–25p.


DAU, CSU, emotion mouse, MAGIC pointing, SUITOR

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