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Summarizing Sentiment-Analyzed Reviews

Mubashir Farooq


With each passing day online shopping and social networking is touching new heights and more people prefer to shop online. Users post reviews about a product online and share their experience after receiving a service or using the product. Review can be positive or negative. Therefore whenever a person shops online he goes on checking previous reviews of a product, but the reviews are in detailed form and more in number which results in wastage of time. Sentiment analysis is the determination of opinions in the reviews and summarization is used to generate the positive and negative summaries that will help the user for better decision making. This paper, first,  discusses different aspects of developing a system capable of performing sentiment analysis of product reviews which is followed by the implementation details of summarizer which generates positive and negative summaries so that it will be easy for a person to go for summarized reviews rather than detailed reviews.

Keywords: Sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing, machine learning, text summarization, supervised learning

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Mubashir Farooq, Afaq Alam Khan. Summarizing Sentiment-Analyzed Reviews. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2018; 5(2): 1–10p.

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