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Robotic Arm Controlled by Android Application

Anish Vohra


Robot is a machine that works on command of person which is guided by way of utility programs. Robots are designed as human wants for with the help of intelligent software program. In this paper our main goal of research is to design of robot that can be managed with using Android mobile Application. In this research we developed mobile application, which has remote touch buttons. With the help of this buttons we can manipulate robot movement as nicely. Also, this robot can sense the real time temperature at the current location and send real-time temperature to mobile device. The wireless communication method that is used in robot is Bluetooth technology. User can give a variety of instructions like pass Backward, forward, move right or move left. These commands are sent from the Android mobile and with the help of Bluetooth receiver unit with Robot the instructions pass it to the microcontroller circuit to manage the motors. The microcontroller then transmits the sign to the motor driver IC’s to function the motors.

Keywords: Smartphone, Bluetooth, Robot, LM-35, Microcontroller, IoT etc.

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Anish Vahora, Taporni Biswas, Chandni Kansara, Robotic Arm Controlled by Android Application. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2018; 5(3): 12–17p.

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