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Performance Evaluation of WSN under DDOS Attack

Rupinder Singh, Tejinderpal Singh Brar



A Wireless Sensor network (WSN) is device which uses various sensors to monitor conditions physically and environmental both. Wireless Sensor network provides a bridge between the various nodes and the server. WSN is open in nature which makes it vulnerable for the intruders to attack. Many security threats affect the performance of network threats like DDOS, Wormhole, Selective Jamming attack etc. In this paper a new scheme smartpix has been introduced which will detect DDOS attack and the data loss can be prevented by using this scheme. Performance of this scheme has been evaluated with other schemes in past and this scheme is far better in avoiding the packet loss and increasing the Packet delivery ratio. The simulation results represent the network performance without DDOS attack and with DDOS attack and also if the DDOS is encountered how to save from that and by applying the proposed scheme the performance is very much like that no attack has even occurred. Our main goal is to identify the DDOS attack and which nodes are affected by these attacks and how these nodes can be free from DDOS attack so that network works smoothly. After the proposed scheme is fully active, there will be no presence of attacker. 

Keywords: Network Security, Wireless Sensor Network, DDOS attacks, DSR Protocol

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Rupinder Singh Tejinderpal Singh Brar. Performance Evaluation of WSN under DDOS Attack. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2019; 6(1): 40–44p.

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