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Solar System Tracking Using MPPT Tracking

Heena Meena, Girraj Raigar, Shuchi Shukla


Abstract: - Solar energy is a source of energy, which is un-pollutant renewable energy source. It is a part of green energy and smart grid technology. In this energy source the electric powers are generated by sun light. So, it is also called radiant light. Solar technology is further divided in two part, first is active solar and another is passive solar. Output of the solar energy is depends on the intensity of incident light. To recognize the maximum output of solar panel, MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) concept is used. This paper deals with the MPPT system for solar panel.

Keywords: - Solar System, MPPT, Buck boost converter.

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Heena Meena, Girraj Raigar, Shuchi Shukla. Solar System Tracking Using MPPT Tracking. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2019; 6(2): 15–17p.

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