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Cyber Security

Krati Hansrajani, Mabel Brijet Johnson, Swati Srivastava


Abstract: The term cyber indicates things related to internet, it is being used as a prefix for the technological terms growing every day. As all the traditional methods have come to ease with the help of computing, the threat rate is increasing up to an extent which is not only harmful but is also becoming a major cause for decreasing economic growth. The solution to this issue includes various methods such as increasing awareness in the society, encouraging the youth to join cyber security related jobs, etc. This study includes basic information about cyber security, its techniques, designing steps, threats and its importance.

Keywords: Cyber security, cybercrime, hackers, design guide, economic growth, threats

Cite this Article: Krati Hansrajani, Mabel Brijet Johnson, Swati Srivastava. Cyber Security. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2019; 6(3): 25–28p.

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