Journal of Advances in Shell Programming

Journal of Advances in Shell Programming (JoASP) is a print and e-journal focused towards the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on all areas of Shell Programming advances.

The advances in shell programming are specially to develop skills required for automation on UNIX /Linux environment. This journal focuses on the basis and intermediate level of scripting. It provides training with hands on session to administer the Unix shell and shell programming.

eISSN: 2395-6690

Focus & Scope:

  • Shell commands & simple programming
  • Overview of TCP/ IP networking - basic concept of 4 layers
  • Overview of the UNIX/ LINUX
  • Simple filters grip command
  • Linux Administrators
  • UNIX programmers
  • Database (Oracle/Sybase)developers working on UNIX platforms
  • Database (Oracle/Sybase)Administrators
  • Loop Constructs
  • Condition Execution
  • Handling Run Time Data
  • Integer Arithmetic
  • I/O Redirection features

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Vol 5, No 3 (2018)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

A Comparative Study of Various CPU Scheduling Algorithms using MOOS Simulator PDF
Nilam Choudhary, Geetika Gautam, Yukti Goswami, Soumil Khandelwal 1-5
Android Operating System for Energy Efficient Real-Time Processing PDF
Akshar Prabhu Desai, Siddhesh Prabhu Gaonkar 13-22
Cyber Security Strategy for Developing Countries Reference to Afghanistan PDF
Mohammad Salem Hamidi, Baldev Singh 23-26

Review Articles

A Review Paper on Privacy and Security problem at different Levels in IOT with Their Solution PDF
Deepti Tak, Baldev Singh 6-12
Impact of IoT & Big Data in Education: A Technological Review PDF
Tarunpreet Chawla, Geetika Gautam, Dharamveer Yadav 27-30

ISSN: 2395-6690