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Issue and Challenges for Developing the Smart Cities

Nishikant Ojha


AbstractThe existing digital revolution has exploded the development of communications grids and the growth of novel methods for industrious schemes. Smart cities have become the foremost foundation for urban competitiveness by challenging traditional technologic scenarios. The term Smart City is typically applied to urban and metropolitan areas where Information and Communication Technologies provide ways to enable social, cultural and urban development, improving social and political capacities as well as efficiencies. Changing our urban communities into the Smart Cities of the future will include consolidating advances and key computerized improvements all connected by Machine-to-Machine (M2M) arrangements and real-time data which sit under the umbrella term of the Internet of Things(IOT). Smart cities however must be underpinned by the appropriate ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure based on fibre optic and high-speed wireless technologies, which is well underway in many developed cities around the world. This paper mainly focuses on the recent research on concept of smart city and its association with the concept of digital city.

Keywords: ICT, Smart City, IoT


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