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Enhancement of gain of multiband patch antenna

purnima Dhamija, Chahak Kindra


In this paper we discuss about the  multi notch multi polarization antenna for wireless communication, form some previous time there are various researches are to be performed in the field of multi notch and multi polarization, there are various application are being developed on the basis of this which are notch antenna, multiple polarization and the circular polarization antenna which is being widely used in the satellite communication, in this paper we discuss about the various designing methodologies of notch antenna, some antenna based application in which linear and circular polarization is occur. From the long period of time the researchers are working on to improve the antenna performance because these are very effective for the today wireless communication system. Various researchers present their study on antenna by using various techniques. Such kind of antenna are used in, UWB, WLAN, satellite communication, GSM, and GPS. Dual-, triple- and quad-band antennas

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