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Enhancement of Bandwidth and Gain Dielectric Resonator Antenna : A Review Paper

Chahak Kindra, Purnima Dhamija


This Paper presents an analysis of investigation on dielectric resonator antenna (DRA’s) over the last three to four decades. In every decade the research would come up with new trends. The current status of the dielectric resonator antenna technology is now reviewed. Always the evaluation has been done on the foundation of around vital parameters that include Bandwidth, Efficiency, realized Gain, Dielectric constant, dimensions, and DRA material used.
This paper contains the design and comparison of various dielectric resonator antennas for the different applications. By the result of comparison this is clear that the weighted configuration of the rectangular DRA provides the finest results. It contains the three rectangular DRA of distinct dimensions with the dielectric constant value of 2.1. this antenna work in the bandwidth range of 6 MHz that provides the peak realized gain of 6.47 dB at 5.7 GHz. We can get the evaluated values of bandwidth and gain only if the value of dielectric constant is minimized and as the dielectric constant value is inversely proportional to the size of antenna. Thus their may be changes between the size and bandwidth according the requirements. Thus in this paper we present a complete overview for controlling circuital characteristics and radiation properties of the DRA.

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