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Cyber Security Strategy for Developing Countries Reference to Afghanistan

Mohammad Salem Hamidi, Baldev Singh



Growing and development of country is related to the cyber space, most of country invested large amount of budget on cyber space software. According of formal documents and information, Afghanistan is in the process of integrating ICT into its important information structure and technology. For executing the integration country may face to different challenges that involving in cyber security. Due to various potential threats and risk on cyber security in Afghanistan, there is need for an extensive and comprehensive strategy.

Based on official documents Afghanistan has introduced an ICT security law in 2011. However the fast growth of internet in private sector and governmental sector in the last five years, cause to Afghanistan must introduce a comprehensive and appropriate cyber security strategy to cover all risk and issue that is related to this arena.

The aim of this research is to propose a comprehensive and complete cyber security strategy based on developed countries experiences in the field of cyber security, specifically India, because India has good situation in technology and has common benefits; furthermore India is considered as developed country in term of technology and cyber security.

Therefore, based on literature review and official documents, the current position of Afghanistan ICT as well as cyber threat were identified and detected in context to Afghanistan. To evaluate the situation of Afghanistan cyber security and India cyber security, some cyber security experts were interviewed and according their suggestion, and literature reviewed on developed country, a comprehensive strategy framework was suggested for Afghanistan to address ever growing cyber-attacks and treats.

Keywords: cyber security, cyber space, cyber-attack, cyber security strategy. 

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Mohammad Salem Hamidi, Baldev Singh. Cyber Security Strategy for Developing Countries Reference to Afghanistan Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2018; 5(3): 23–26p.

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