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Highly Efficient Mobile Computing Using Global Positioning System Techniques

N. Siranjeevi, P. Priya, S. Thangavelu


Mobile Computing communications has become a heatedly debated issue to the computing trade for the forth coming back years; thanks to the progress within the wireless communications space. GPS could be a network of satellites that endlessly transmits coded information that makes it attainable to exactly determine locations on earth by menstruation distance from the satellites This paper tries to style a system which mixes these two technologies; it's attainable for an individual to find himself (in which a part of world he is) within the map provided by the dynamic WAP server. From this information he will even get road map for desired location or the closest edifice on,... For exploring this technique we've initially given the outlines of Global Positioning System (GPS) and the three segments of GPS. Then the paper is directed towards the WAP server technologies presently existing. The paper focuses on facilities provided by the trendy mobile devices to support this technique. We have a tendency to delineate our system and its special options. We've conjointly shown how our system fits into existing technology. This paper then concludes on sources of errors of GPS technologies it may overcome (DGPS).

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Siranjeevi N, Priya P, Thangavelu S. Highly Efficient Mobile Computing Using Global Positioning System Techniques. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2019; 6(1): 14–19p.



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