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Role of Information Technology in Solving Environmental Problems in Kabul, Afghanistan

Mohammad Salem Hamidi


Technology causing some environmental problems, it also one of the best tools we have available to the people to help us understand how we can fix these environmental problems. Computers, mobiles and other information systems are available to people in the prediction of natural and technological events that affect the environment. The paper is an assessment of how efficiently information technology (IT) is used in the Kabul, Afghanistan, physical environment. It outlines mainly the procedures of environmental management in Kabul, Afghanistan, in relation to the use and application of computer models, geoinformatics and scientific techniques in environmental management. Environmental management bodies in Kabul, Afghanistan, served as the study population and results obtained. The research employed the use of questionnaire and interview, the method of analysis data is descriptive. The study promotes an objective evaluation of how well environmental agencies, management and equipment are executing, with the aim of safeguarding the environment. So, the main objective of this research is to find the positive effects of technology for safeguarding of environment.

Keywords: safeguarding of environment, environment problem, information technology, environment organization, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Cite this Article Mohammad Salem Hamidi. Role of Information Technology in Solving Environmental Problems in Kabul, Afghanistan. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2020; 7(1): 8–13p.

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