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Secured Mail Server with (3FA) Three Factor Authentication for Web-based Cloud Services

T. Velumani


A more secure way is to use three-factor authentication (3FA). 3FA is very common among web-based e-mail sharing services. In addition to a username/password, the user is also required to have a device to display a one-time password and finger print. Some systems may require the user to have a mobile phone while the one-time password will be sent to the mobile phone through SMS during the login process. By using 3FA, users will have more confidence to use shared computers to login for web-based e-banking services. For the same reason, it will be better to have a 3FA system for users in the web-based cloud services in order to increase the security level in the system. This application also provides service secured webmail server to send and receive emails within an organization. Using this system, the user can transmit mail in a secure manner. The hackers cannot break the information. When composing, the mail is encrypted by using symmetric algorithm and it will store on a web server. If the hackers try to crack this mail he can’t open and read the original message on a mail, only the responsible user can get the mail by means of decrypting.

Keywords: OTP, Fingerprint, Hackers, Webmail, Authentication

Cite this Article: T. Velumani. Secured Mail Server with (3FA) Three Factor Authentication for Web-based Cloud Services. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2020; 7(1): 33–40p.

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