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Towards the Development of Low Cost Calibration Apparatus for 3D Reconstruction of Spine

Sampath Kumar, Vinyas k.


Three-dimensional reconstruction of the human spine is very much essential in diagnosis, planning of surgery and treatment of several spinal deformities. This can be achieved using stereo-radiographic methods. Calibration of a stereo-radiographic setup is a necessary step in this process. It provides metric information from 2D images. Many calibration methods that are available in literature result in cumbersome calibration objects. Hence difficult to use in the clinical valuation of spinal deformities. 3-D reconstruction without calibration or with small calibration objects is considered to be unreliable. It also results in large reconstruction errors. A review of different calibration techniques is performed and compared. The best suitable technique is proposed which gives least reconstruction error and produces minimum undesirable objects in radiographs.


Stereo-radiography, calibration, self-calibration, 3-D spine reconstruction, scoliosis

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