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Detection and Prevention of Sink hole Attack in WSN

Kamal Kant Tripathi, Arvind Sharma


WSNs are commonly utilized in many non-commercial areas like army, health care, environmental monitoring, and commercial products like house holding, vehicles etc. WSNs rely on many to one communication scheme for gathering of data. Sink hole is more susceptible to this kind of scheme, in which an intruder surrounds nodes with unfaithful routing information, and therefore presents selective forwarding or change the data that carry through it. In this paper we propose a technique for detection of sink hole in WSN using AODV protocol.

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Kamal Kant Tripathi, Arvind Sharma. Detection and Prevention of Sink hole Attack in WSN. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2016; 3(2): 1–7p.


WSN, sinkhole attack, AODV, PDR

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