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Researches on Linux Memory Management: A Review

Sujoy Kumar



Open source programming has been created for a very long decade. Superb outline, and remarkable execution, combined with the solid support from IBM, INTEL, CA, ORACLE and other globally prestigious organizations, Linux has slowly turned out to be one of the major working frameworks. This is a basic research on Linux memory administration. In this work, difficulties of Linux memory administration have been quickly depicted. Considering our examination, 16 records in the field of Linux memory administration have been gathered. These outcomes as: creator or creators, production year, sort of distribution, field of the examination, vital outcomes and future works, have been basically inspected and analyzed. Linux memory administration has many difficulties and issues, particularly, in installed frameworks with constrained memory and assets. As of late, Linux working framework has turned out to be exceptionally famous in creating installed frameworks and remote sensor systems; in this way, it is important to explain its difficulties.

Keywords: Linux, memory management, embedded systems, handling low memory, virtual memory management

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Sujoy Kumar. Researches on Linux Memory Management: A Review. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2017; 4(1): 23–26p.

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