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Optimization & Virtualization of Server Resources: A Review

Nitish Kumar



In this paper, the earlier written work for resource optimization and virtualization has been presented. Server virtualization is a key building impede that enables application detachment, flexibility, and dividing of individual servers in the cloud. Applications are set into virtual machine which enhance the provisioning and course of action of usage considering less requesting reconfiguration of advantages for meeting server demands. It has in like manner based on the most proficient method to enhance the execution of a singular physical structure by exhibiting different working systems on the double with cost minimization and viable resource organization using virtualization. Each operating system on the virtual machine fills in as the server.

Keywords: Virtualization, server virtualization, resource optimization

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Nitish Kumar. Optimization & Virtualization of Server Resources: A Review. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2017; 4(1): 14–19p.

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