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PHOENIX SYSTEM: A Tap for the Better Life

Arzoo Ranipa, Dr.Vishal S. Vora



Nowadays, lots of people are deaf and dumb. They have problems in their living existence. Communications between normal person and a deaf-dumb people have always been a challenging task. The preference in embedded systems provides platform to design and develop a sign language translator system to benefit the deaf and dumb people; there exists a number of supportive tools. The main objective is to develop a real time embedded device for physically challenged for advancement of their communication in effective means. This system uses Raspberry Pi Camera for capturing the signs and controller for displaying in textual form and audio form.

Keywords: Gesture recognisation, Indian sign language, Pi camera, controller

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Ranipa Arzoo R, Vora Vishal S. Phoenix System: A Tap for the Better Life. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2019; 6(1): 6–10p.

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