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McEliece Cryptosystem based User Authentication Scheme in Fog Computing Environment

Kumar Sekhar Roy, Hemanta Kumar Kalita



In the recent past, the notion of Internet of Things has gained tremendous pace worldwide. IoT provides several services for the ease of human life in several significant areas such as health care, logistics, power grid etc. To keep these devices connected in an efficient network, the concept of Fog network has taken precedence over all other network architectures. Fog network has taken the services provided by a centralized cloud server closer to the edge devices, thus providing services from a closer range and in the process, providing several facilities such as faster access, scalability, lower lag etc. Although, the security of a network significantly depends on the cryptosystem utilized by the entities involved in the network. Therefore, we chose the latest variant of McEliece cryptosystem to be utilized in our scheme. McEliece cryptosystem has been categorized under post-quantum cryptography under NIST.

Keywords: Internet of Things, fog network, McEliece cryptosystem, encryption, decryption, post-quantum cryptography

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Kumar Sekhar Roy, Hemanta Kumar Kalita. McEliece Cryptosystem based User Authentication Scheme in Fog Computing Environment. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2019; 6(1): 17–23p.

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