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Vacant Parking Lot Detection

Abitha K S



An issue looked in significant metropolitan regions, is the scan for parking spot. This study proposes a novel path for programmed parking garages’ location. In this methodology, first separate highlights by creating location patches and building Gaussian ground model from info video outlines. At that point, this model is utilized to prepare an eight-class multi-SVM classier. At last, the classification is upgraded internationally by means of Markov Random Field. This system extracted lighting-invariant features of patches and trained weak classifier for the recognition of obstruction pattern in the patch layer. Proposed framework can overcome the inter-object obstruction and achieve better results.

Keywords: Parking lot detection, SVM classifier, Markov random field, status inference, discriminative framework

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Abitha KS. Vacant Parking Lot Detection. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2019; 6(2): 11–21p.


parking lot detection, SVM classifier, Markov random field, status inference, discriminative frame work.

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